VMware App Volumes 2.17.1 | 24 September 2019 | Build

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What is in the Release Notes

The VMware App Volumes 2.17.1 release includes the following new features, updates, and bug fixes.

What is New

  • Support for Windows 10 1903
  • App Volumes Manager can now communicate to SQL Server using TLS 1.2 protocol.
  • App Volumes API reference documentation is available on VMWare {code}.
  • Support for SQL server 2014 Enterprise SP3 64-bit


App Volumes documentation is available in English.

Resolved Issues

  • Start provisioning dialog box does not appear on App Volumes Agent machines when an existing AppStack is updated. [2381526]

  • When Writable Volumes with auto-start configured for Skype is used, subsequent logins display an error message stating the OST file is in use by another application. [2345838]

Known Issues

  • Writable Volumes created with profile-based templates on Windows 10 versions before 1803 may exhibit Start Menu or search-related issues after using the same volume on Windows 10 versions 1803 or later.

  • When using Microsoft Outlook Cached Exchange Mode with a UIA-only type Writable Volume and no profile persistence solution such as UEM or roaming profiles, a new .ost cache file is created in the user’s volume upon each login.

  • When many users are logging into their desktops simultaneously, Writable Volumes may not get created for a few users and they may not be able to log in to a desktop.
    Note: This issue does not occur if the users already have an existing Writable Volume.

    Workaround: The users must log in again or have an administrator pre-create the Writable Volume for the user.

  • A Writable Volume move or copy operation might fail when bulk operations are performed on many volumes.

    Workaround: Retry the move or copy operation.

  • Multiple duplicate Writables are seen after upgrading from App Volumes 2.13.2 to App Volumes 2.17.1.

    Workaround: See the Knowledge Base article 67482.

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