You can upgrade all available templates from an ESXi host or upload new templates for AppStacks and writable volumes.

Prepackaged AppStacks or Writable Volumes templates are VMDK files typically located in <user>/cloudvolumes/apps_templates/.

Important: If you have upgraded App Volumes from an earlier version, you must upload the prepackaged templates again manually. You cannot upgrade the templates by copying them directly to the storage location as the location is locked by App Volumes Manager to prevent accidental deletion of volumes. However, any user-defined custom templates are automatically carried over, and you do not have to upload them again.


  1. From the App Volumes Manager console, click Configuration > Storage > Upload Prepackaged Volumes.
  2. Enter the ESXi host information and select the volumes you want to upload.
    Option Description
    Storage The storage location where the existing or new template is stored.
    ESX Host The name of the ESX host.
    ESX Username A user name used to log in to the ESX host.
    ESX Password The password for the user name.
    Volumes The prepackaged templates that you want to upload.
  3. Click Upload.