After you create a new AppStack, you must provision the AppStack by attaching it to the provisioning computer and installing the applications in it.


Ensure that the AppStack you want to provision is not already provisioned. You can check the status of an AppStack on the AppStacks page under Volumes > AppStacks.

You cannot provision an AppStack on a computer that has a Writable Volume attached to it.


  1. From the App Volumes Manager console, click Volumes > AppStacks.
    A list of available AppStacks is displayed.
  2. Select the AppStack you want to provision, and click Provision.
    Note: Check the Status column to ensure that
    The Provision AppStack:<AppStackName> window is displayed.
  3. Search for and select the provisioning computer by entering a full or partial name of the computer.
  4. Click Provision to attach the AppStack to the virtual machine.
    Note: For VHD In-Guest mounting, the provisioning computer must be powered off.
  5. Log in to the provisioned computer and install the applications into AppStack to complete the provisioning process.