To use App Volumes with VHD In-Guest Operation mode, the machines where the App Volumes Manager and agents are installed require special permissions on the CIFS file share.


  1. On a file server, create a new empty folder.
  2. Copy the contents of the Hypervisor\In-Guest VHD folder from the App Volumes installation media to the new folder.
  3. Share the folder and grant full access permissions on the file share to everyone.
  4. Configure NTFS permissions as described below.
    An Active Directory domain group might be used to manage permissions for the following roles:
    • Managers: App Volumes Manager
    • Agents: Machines that receive App Volumes and writable volumes assignments
    • Capture Agents: Machines that are used for provisioning new App Volumes agents
    Table 1. NTFS folder permissions required for each role
    Folder Managers Agents Capture Agents
    apps Full Read Write
    apps_templates Read None None
    writable Full Write or None
    Note: Write permissions are required by Agents when Dynamic Permissions are not enabled.
    writable_templates Read None None