You can delete a troubleshooting archive. You might want to delete the archive to clear up disk space on the server.

Note: Removing an archive removes the file from its physical location along with the record of the file. But if App Volumes Manager is behind a load balancer, the archive may continue to exist on the physical server.


Ensure you have permissions to modify files in the location where the archives are saved. By default, the files are saved in C:/Program Files (x86)/CloudVolumes/Manager/public/troubleshooting.


  1. From App Volumes Manager, go to ACTIVITY > Troubleshooting tab.
  2. Click the '+' sign next to the archive you want to delete and click Remove.
    By default, the archives belonging to the manager on the current server are displayed. To view the list of archives from all managers, select the All Servers option from the drop-down list.
  3. Confirm that you want to remove the file on the Confirm Remove window and click Remove.