VMware App Volumes 2.19 |  Dec 21 2021 |

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What is in the Release Notes

The VMware App Volumes 2.19 agent release has security updates and bug fixes and is intended to be used with the App Volumes 4 management console.

App Volumes migration utility is added to the product downloads page for VMware App Volumes 2.19. 

Note: App Volumes 2.19 is considered ESB when it is managed using App Volumes 4, version 2111.


  • For information about the VMware App Volumes 2.19 agent, see VMware App Volumes 2.19 Installation and Administration Guide.
  • For information about the VMware App Volumes 4 App Volumes Manager, see VMware App Volumes Administration Guide.

All VMware App Volumes documentation including the deliverables mentioned here are available at VMware Docs.


App Volumes documentation is available in English.

Resolved Issues

  • When a user logs in multiple times, the user profile appears to be removed after the second login though the user's profile file exists in the UIA+Profile Writable Volume. Some of the issues observed due to this issue are as follows: files on the desktop are missing and wallpaper is reset to the default setting. [2889772]

  • RestoreTiles.exe has stopped working error is displayed when logging into a Windows 10 1909 agent virtual machine with a UIA+Profile Writable Volume which was previously used in Windows 10 1809. As a result, some of the Windows store apps such as Calculator, Sticky Notes, and Maps do not work properly. [2889777]

Known Issues

  • When using Microsoft Outlook Cached Exchange Mode with a UIA-only type Writable Volume and no profile persistence solution such as VMware Dynamic Environment Manager or roaming profiles, a new .ost cache file is created in the user’s volume upon each login.

    Workaround: Use a profile management solution.

  • When many users are logging into their desktops simultaneously, Writable Volumes may not get created for a few users and they might not be able to log in to a desktop.
    Note: This issue does not occur if the users already have an existing Writable Volume.

    Workaround: The users must log in again or have an administrator pre-create the Writable Volume for the user.

  • A Writable Volume move or copy operation may fail when bulk operations are performed on many volumes.

    Workaround: Retry the move or copy operation.

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