With Writable Volumes, you can configure per-user volumes where users can install and configure their own applications and keep the data that is specific to their profile. A Writable Volume is assigned to a specific user and becomes available to the user from any machine.

A Writable Volume is an empty VMDK or VHD file that you assign to a specific user. It mounts to the VM when the user authenticates to the desktop. You can attach only one Writable Volume at a time per-user per OS. For example, if a user logs into a Windows 7 machine and a Windows 10 machine at the same time, one volume is attached to the user on Windows 7 and another one on Windows 10.
Important: When the user logs into a virtual machine which is installed with the latest version of App Volumes Agent, the user receives Writable Volumes created by using the latest version of App Volumes Manager.

A Writable Volume can contain data such as application settings, user profile, licensing information, configuration files, and user-installed applications.

Using App Volumes Manager, you can create, import, edit, expand, and disable Writable Volumes.