VMware provides a default set of configuration files - policy files (snapvol.cfg) and script files - with the App Volumes Agent. You can customize these files in scenarios such as application and OS compatibility, modification to App Volumes workflow before or after virtualization, or customization of App Volumes for specific requirements.

The default set of policy and script files are present in the base virtual machine at \CloudVolumes\Agent\Config\Default. To create custom policy files and scripts, a Custom folder is required. This folder must be created in the App Volumes Agent installation folder at \CloudVolumes\Agent\Config\. A Custom folder can also be created on an application package during application capture or application update. For more information about the Default and Custom folder structure, see Default and Custom Configuration Files.

To customize at a Writable Volume level, you must first upload the policy and script files in the prescribed manner and and then you can perform customizations such as specify exclusions in a Writable Volume. For more information, see Update Writable Volumes and Specify Exclusions in a Writable Volume (snapvol.cfg).