To upgrade the App Volumes Manager servers without shutting down the services, you must be aware of certain guidelines.

Important: Before upgrading from App Volumes 2.x, you must stop all instances of App Volumes Manager service.

You must be aware of the following considerations while planning for rolling upgrades:

  • Rolling upgrades can be performed from earlier versions of App Volumes 4.

    An upgrade from App Volumes 2.18 requires that App Volumes Manager services on servers must be stopped before performing the upgrade.

  • A full server backup or snapshot of the App Volumes Manager server must be taken.
  • Administrators cannot use the new functionality of the App Volumes Manager console until all App Volumes Manager instances within the cluster are upgraded to the desired version.
  • Before performing a rolling upgrade, all App Volumes Manager instances must be on the same version.
  • After upgrading the App Volumes Manager to the desired version, rolling back the upgrade might result in loss of new data that was created or updated in the database during the upgrade process.
  • App Volumes Agent must be upgraded only after upgrading all App Volumes Manager servers.