X-Server-Id is a unique App Volumes Manager server ID present in the HTTP(s) request of an App Volumes Manager server and recorded in the svservice.log, an App Volumes agent log file. Using the X-Server-Id, an administrator can identify the exact App Volumes Manager server that has served the request.


In a large setup which has several App Volumes Manager servers, an administrator must investigate the log file of each App Volumes Manager server to find the server associated with the specific HTTP request. As a result, troubleshooting and debugging becomes time-consuming.


  1. Navigate to the App Volumes agent computer, open the svservice.log, and note down the X-Server-Id.
  2. Go to any App Volumes Manager admin UI and navigate to CONFIGURATION > Managers.
  3. On the App Volumes Manager Servers page, match the X-Server-Id with the GUID field of all the App Volumes Manager servers listed on the page.
  4. When you find the match, navigate to that App Volumes Manager server using the FQDN or the IP address and collect the log files.