The App Volumes Application Capture Command-Line Program is a standalone, Windows command-line software program. Use this program to easily automate the process of capturing applications by working with packages outside of App Volumes Manager console.

This program allows you to capture application installs into a package as a .vhd and .vmdk (monolithic sparse) file outside of App Volumes Manager and App Volumes agent. Before delivering the package to the end users, you can use the program to test and validate the application package.

After the capture and validation, you can manually transfer the application package into App Volumes Manager to assign and deliver the package to the end users.

Using the program’s command-line arguments, you can create a .json metadata file as required by App Volumes to process an MSIX app attach format and convert this package to .vmdk (monolithic sparse). You can transfer the .vhd and .vmdk files along with the .json file to App Volumes Manager and import the packages into the admin UI. Further, you can deliver these packages to the end user.

This chapter describes some of the workflows that you can run using the command-line arguments of the program.

To install the software, see the VMware App Volumes Installation Guide.