Latest version of App Volumes Manager has a toggle switch that helps in supporting the co-existence of both Application Packages and AppStacks. When this switch is turned on, VOLUMES (2.X) is restored to the top navigation and other 2.x-related features required for creating and managing AppStacks and Writable Volumes (2.x) are available.

For a better understanding of when to use the toggle switch, see Perform App Volumes 2.x Management Tasks.


  1. From App Volumes Manager, go to CONFIGURATION > Settings.
  2. On the Settings page, click Advanced Settings.
  3. Click the Enable Volumes (2.x) toggle switch.
    By default, Enable Volumes (2.x) is off.
  4. Refresh App Volumes Manager.
    VOLUMES (2.X) tab and other 2.x-related features are enabled in the UI.

What to do next

By using VOLUMES (2.X), you can now create and manage AppStacks and Writable Volumes (2.x) and view list of Attachments and Assignments.