You can make desired changes to the configuration files, add them to a specific folder, and create a ZIP file. When you upload this ZIP file to the Writable Volume, the volume gets updated. These updates are available to the end user the next time the user logs into the desktop.


Ensure that you are aware of the following considerations:

  • Updates made to the Writable Volume cannot be reversed.

    If a new ZIP file is uploaded to the Writable Volume, the existing updates get overwritten.

  • User-installed applications that are already in the Writable Volumes cannot be changed.
  • Size of the ZIP file must be smaller than 5 MB.
  • The ZIP file must consist of the following folder structure: \Config\writable.

    Configuration files such as the policy file (snapvol.cfg) and batch scripts can be added within writable.

    For an understanding of configuration files (policy files and scripts), see Configuration Files.


  1. On the App Volumes Manager console, navigate to INVENTORY > Writables > Update Writable Volumes.
  2. Determine what configuration file must be uploaded.
    Option Task
    Make changes in the existing configuration file.
    1. Download the current ZIP file.
    2. Make the desired changes.
    Create a configuration file. Make the desired changes.

    For example, you can add exclusions in the policy (snapvol.cfg) file.

  3. Place the configuration file in the following folder structure: \Config\writable.
  4. Create a zip of the Config folder mentioned in the previous step and place it in a location that can be easily accessed for uploading the file to the Writable Volume.
    Consider the following example where a zip file is created:
    1. On the desktop, create the following folder structure: Config\writable.
    2. Place a configuration file (policy file or batch script), such as OnPostEnableApp.bat in Config\writable.
    3. Create a zip of the Config folder and name the zip file accordingly.
  5. Browse to the file location that you want to upload and select the file.
    Important: If you upload the newly created configuration file to the Writable Volume, the existing file's content gets overwritten. To have a copy of the existing file, you can download the current ZIP file.
  6. Click Upload.


App Volumes Manager applies the ZIP file to every Writable Volume.