If a Writable Volume gets corrupted or when a user for whom the Writable Volume is created leaves the organization, administrators can delete the corresponding Writable Volume by using the Delete functionality.

When a volume is deleted, the volume gets immediately removed from the computer to which it is attached. All associated data and settings are also deleted permanently.


As an administrator, you must ensure that the Writable Volume you want to delete is not in use by any user or computer.


  1. From the App Volumes Manager, go to INVENTORY > Writables.
  2. Select the entity whose Writable Volume you want to delete.
  3. Click Delete.
  4. On the Confirm Disable window, click Delete.

What to do next

If you chose to delete more than one volume, the deleted volume may still be displayed in the App Volumes Manager. Refresh the App Volumes Manager to see the updated list of available volumes.