While assigning an Application to a non-computer entity, you can specify the prefix of a computer name by selecting the Limit delivery for these assignments option. This option allows you to only attach the assigned packages when the prefix matches the name of the computer being logged into.

This option is also one of the factors that determines whether an assignment is newly created, an existing assignment is updated, or a duplicate assignment is skipped. For more information, see Assignment Scenarios.

By using this option, you can also update an application assignment of an entity. When a prefix of the computer name is specified while assigning an application to a non-computer entity, then the entity receives only that application package version for that specific computer. To update the assignment, you can select the entity and use the Limit delivery option to specify the prefix of the computer name and assign the desired application package version.

The Limit delivery for these assignments option can only be used for the following entity types: Users, Groups, and OUs (Organizational Units). This option is not applicable to Computers.

To view the update workflow, see Update an Application Assignment of an Entity.