You can configure the services, drivers, and general behavior parameters values for SVservice with the following registry keys.

Value Type Description
RebootAfterDetach REG_DWORD If set to 1, the system automatically reboots after a user logs off. The default is 0.
DisableAutoStartServices REG_DWORD If set to 1, services on volumes do not automatically start after attachment. The default is 0.
HidePopups REG_DWORD If set to 1, svservice.exe does not generate pop-up messages. The default is 0.
DisableRunKeys REG_DWORD If set to 1, applications in the Run key are not called. The default is 0.
DisableAppServicesList REG_MULTI_SZ Application services added to this multi-string, registry key are not started when the application package is virtualized.

This parameter is located at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\svservice\Parameters.