An entity can have both Writable Volumes and Writable Volumes (2.X). Entities logging into virtual machines with App Volumes Agent 2.x receive only Writable Volumes (2.x) and entities logging into virtual machines with the latest version of App Volumes Agent receive only Writable Volumes.

With Writable Volumes (2.X), you can continue performing actions such as import, enable, update, move, backup, restore, and so on.

For an understanding of Writable Volumes, see Working with Writable Volumes and Features of Writable Volumes.

To understand the considerations for assigning Writable Volumes to an entity, see Assigning and Attaching Writable Volumes.

To understand Writable Volumes Exclusions, see Writable Volume Exclusions and to protect Writable Volumes, see Protecting Writable Volumes.