You can exclude certain locations from getting persisted on a Writable Volume by adding these exclusions in the policy file (snapvol.cfg). For applying these exclusions, you must be aware of some considerations.

Following is the list of considerations:

  • Any content created or modified in the excluded location is lost when the user logs off the machine.
  • Do not use generic locations such as \REGISTRY\MACHINE\SOFTWARE or \Program Files(x86)\.

    Using generic locations can cause all application updates to be erased.

  • You can exclude paths within the user profile directories so that specific applications or files can be excluded from being persisted across sessions.
  • Writable Volume exclusions for user profile paths are not applicable for UIA-only Writable Volumes because user profile is already excluded on UIA-only Writable Volumes.
  • Ensure that you are aware of the application’s behavior and the locations where the application’s data gets stored.

    This understanding is necessary to prevent your application from functioning incorrectly when exclusions are applied to the Writable Volume that contains your application.