Using the Attachments tab, you can view the list of packages and Writable Volumes that are delivered and currently in use.

You can also view information such as the application for which the package and Writable Volume is created, host computer to which the package or Writable Volume is attached to, disk mode, assignment (type), and so on.

For an App Volumes application to be delivered to a user as a published application in VMware Horizon, the application must have a package with the CURRENT marker assigned. Only applications that contain packages with CURRENT marker can be assigned to users in the Horizon Console. If the entity is already receiving the application in App Volumes Manager, then the user continues to receive the application as per the App Volumes Manager assignment (either a specific package or the CURRENT package).

For more information about how an App Volumes application is delivered as an on-demand published application, see Setting up Published Applications on Demand section in the Windows Desktops and Applications in Horizon documentation at VMware Docs.


  1. From App Volumes Manager, click INVENTORY > Attachments.
  2. View the details of each attached package and Writable Volume.
    Packages and Writable Volumes are listed in the Volume column.


    • For an application package delivered as On-demand, you can observe the change in the attachment count only when the user launches the short cut of an application.

      For more information about this behavior, see the characteristics section in Understanding Package Delivery Modes in App Volumes.

    • If the attachment of an application package is triggered by an entitlement in the Horizon Console for an on-demand published application, the Assignment column on this page displays Horizon.