exclude_uwv_file and exclude_uwv_reg are the keywords that are used to specify exclusions for Writable Volumes in the policy file, snapvol.cfg. By applying this customization, certain locations on a Writable Volume are excluded from being persisted across sessions.

To specify an exclusion, an entry must be added to the snapvol.cfg file in the following formats:

  • exclude_uwv_file=path

    <path> is the path of the folder or subfolder that is specified to be excluded.

  • exclude_uwv_reg=path

    <path> is the path of the registry key.

If the content of the location is not required to be persisted across sessions, then to exclude only the content and not the folder itself, <path> must end with two trailing backslashes \\.

Important: Folders such as Desktop, Downloads, Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos, and AppData, are necessary for the OS to function correctly and they must not be specified as exclusions. If the trailing backslashes are not provided in the path when any of these folders are used, then the folder gets excluded and the OS might not function as expected.

For example:

  • exclude_uwv_file=\users\%username%\documents\\

    In this example, if an end user creates a file or folder within Documents, the file or folder persists only for that session. When the end user logs off, the file or folder gets deleted.

  • exclude_uwv_reg=\REGISTRY\MACHINE\SOFTWARE\McAfee\\

    In this example, if a new registry key or registry value is created within the folder McAfee, the new key or value persists for that particular session. When the end user logs off, the key or value is deleted.

For more information about the exclude_uwv_file and exclude_uwv_reg keywords used in the policy file, see Policy Files (snapvol.cfg).

To upload the policy file that contains the exclusions to the Writable Volume, see Update Writable Volumes.