Using certain information fields in the admin UI, you can monitor the status of an App Volumes instance, status of synchronization, and timestamp of the last and most recent synchronization. This information can be used for troubleshooting purposes.

The following information fields can be used to monitor synchronization operations:

Sync count
Displays the total number of applications, packages, markers, and assignments synchronized from the source to the target.
Use this information to track the number of applications, packages, markers, and assignments synchronized from the source and identify mismatches between the source and target instances. The count increases or decreases when the appropriate item is added or removed at the source and this change is synchronized to the target.
Note: Marker and assignment count are included in Sync count only when the respective control setting is activated for the target instance. If the control setting is deactivated, then the marker or assignment is not synchronized and hence, the marker and assignment counts are not included in Sync count.

The Sync count field is present within the Related Instances table on the App Volumes Instance page and represented as an icon. When you hover on the Sync count value, you can observe the individual count for each of the synchronized applications, packages, markers, and assignments.

You can also expand the + button for an instance and view the individual count. If markers and assignments synchronization control settings are activated, the following is displayed: Configured to synchronize markers and assignments. This message phrase varies depending on what control setting is activated.

The following image shows the screenshot of the Related Instances table header and the icon for the Sync count information field. This icon is represented by a pair of arrow marks circling each other:

Synchronization Status
Displays the aggregate status of synchronization on the Applications summary page.

The application status displayed is the sum of individual synchronization statuses of the application resources such as application properties and packages. If the assignment and marker synchronization control settings are activated, then the aggregate status also includes the assignment and marker synchronization statuses.

Use this information to monitor the progress of synchronization and determine whether the target instances have the latest changes from the source instance.

The synchronization status has the following values:
  • Active - Aggregate status of the application when individual synchronization statuses of application resources such as properties and packages are complete.
  • Pending Delete - When deletion for either the application or package is yet to occur.
  • Deleting - Indicates that the deletion is in progress for an application or package. The application or package continues to have this status on the source instance until the deletion is complete on the target instance.
  • Deleted - After the application or package gets deleted on all target and source instances, the status changes to Deleted for that corresponding application or package.
  • Sync Failed - At least one of the synchronization statuses of the application resources has failed.

    For information about why synchronization has failed, view the messages and errors that are logged in the ACTIVITY > System Messages tab.

  • Syncing Properties - Synchronization of application or package properties is pending
  • Syncing Packages - Package synchronization is in progress
  • Syncing Markers - Synchronization of CURRENT marker is in progress
  • Syncing Assignments - Synchronization of assignments are in progress
Last Synchronized
Displays the timestamp of the last synchronization operation between the source and target.

This field is present on the App Volumes Instance page, in the Related Instances table. For applications that are synchronized to the target, this field is displayed on the Applications summary page and on the application details page.

Note: If synchronization has failed soon after the target is registered or the synchronization is taking time to complete, then the Last Synchronized value is Never.
Indicates whether a target App Volumes instance is reachable, configured correctly, unavailable, and so on.
This information field is present on the App Volumes Instance page, in the Related Instances table and has the following values:
  • Active - instance is enabled, reachable, and the configuration is correct.
  • Not Available - instance is enabled but not reachable
  • Misconfigured - instance is enabled but there is a configuration mismatch

    The configuration mismatch can be one of the following: incorrect credentials, certificate not accepted, synchronization relationship does not exist between the source and target, and so on.

  • Inactive - target instance record is not enabled