App Volumes can deliver user-assigned applications in a multi-session environment. This capability ensures that when each user logs into an RDSH server, the user receives applications assigned only to them.

Prior to this release, end users receive applications in a multi-session environment only when the RDSH server has package attachments. These application packages are attached to the RDSH server at computer start-up instead of at user login. All logged-in users receive applications that are attached to the RDSH server regardless of their requirement. With App Volumes 4, version 2212, user-assigned applications can be delivered in a multi-session environment. As a result, package attachment occurs only at user login and each user receives applications assigned only to them. This capability is also available when upgrading from an earlier version of App Volumes to the current version.

When the same application package is assigned to multiple users, package attachment occurs only once that is when the first user logs into the RDSH server. Package gets detached after the last user logs out.

User and computer attachment details for the multi-session environment are displayed in the DIRECTORY -> ENTITY page in App Volumes Manager admin UI. For more information about the details displayed, see View Active Directory Entities.

App Volumes supports the simultaneous attachment of multiple packages of an application to different users in a multi-session environment using the RDS package attachment option. For more information about this option, see Create an App Volumes Application.