On the App Volumes Instances page, you can edit the name and credentials of an instance which are used for identification and communication purposes. In the Related Instances section, you can edit the details of a target instance. This capability allows you to update some of the details of the target from within the source instance.

By editing the name and URL of an instance, you can determine how the instance must be identified from its source or target. The URL of an instance can be different from the default hostname. In addition to identification, the URL of an instance must also be reachable from its source and target instances.

For more information about Related Instances, see Manage an App Volumes Instance.

For information about the fields and settings on the Edit App Volumes Instance Target page, see Register an App Volumes Instance as a Target.

Note: You cannot edit a source instance from this instance.


  • If you want to edit the URL of this instance, ensure that this instance continues to remain accessible from other instances.
  • You cannot add a new target instance by editing the secure address of an existing target instance. Instead, you must remove the existing target and register as a new target instance.
  • Ensure that you are aware of the prerequisites for editing the details of a target instance.

    The prerequisites for editing a target instance are the same as the prerequisites for adding a target instance. See Register an App Volumes Instance as a Target.


  1. Log into an App Volumes instance.
  2. In the App Volumes Manager admin UI, navigate to INFRASTRUCTURE > Instances.
  3. On the App Volumes Instances page, depending on which instance you want to edit, perform the following steps:
    Option Procedure
    Instance that you are currently logged into
    1. In the Instance Details window, click Edit.
    2. On the Edit Instance page, update the desired information.

      Ensure that the secure address of the instance is an accessible IP address.

    3. Click Save.

      Updated details are visible in the Instance Details section.

    1. In the Related Instances section, expand the + icon for the desired instance.
    2. Click Edit and update the desired information.
      Note: You cannot edit the secure address of this instance to replace this instance with another target.
    3. Click Save.

      In the Related Instances section, you can view the updated details.

What to do next

  • If you have edited the name of a target instance, perform the following steps:
    1. Navigate to the source instance.
    2. In the Related Instance table, locate the target instance that you edited in the previous step.
    3. Click Edit and Save consecutively.

      You need not update any information on the Edit App Volumes Instance Target window. You can now view the updated name of the target instance on the source App Volumes instance.

  • To ensure that the target you edited has the latest application and package changes from the source instance, you can initiate a synchronization operation for this specific target.

    For more information, see Initiate Synchronization for a Target Instance.

  • Monitor App Volumes Synchronization Operations
  • Manage a Synchronized App Volumes Application at the Source