If you want to rename a computer (entity) which has a Writable Volume (2.x) assigned, then you must transfer Writable Volume (2.x) to another computer. You can perform the Writable Volume transfer by using the Reassign button, available in the DIRECTORY > Computers tab.

Only computer-owned Writable Volumes (2.x) can be reassigned to another computer.


Ensure that the computer selected for the reassign operation is in the Available status.


  1. In the App Volumes Manager UI, navigate to DIRECTORY > Computers.
  2. On the Managed Computers page, identify and select the computer which has Writable Volumes (2.x) that must be reassigned.
  3. On the entity_name page, identify the Writable Volume (2.x) that must be reassigned.
    entity_name - name of the computer
  4. Click Reassign.
  5. To select a new computer, search the Active Directory.
    If you used the Search button, a list of computers is displayed.
  6. Select the computer to which the Writable Volume (2.x) must be reassigned.
    Status of the computer must be Available.
  7. Click Reassign.
  8. On the Confirm reassign of Writable Volume window, click Reassign.
  9. To view the computer which has the reassigned Writable Volume (2.x), navigate to DIRECTORY > Computers.
    The new computer is listed in the Managed Computers page.
    Alternately, you can also view the computer listed as one of the entities on the Writable Volumes (2.x) page in the VOLUMES (2.X) > Writables tab.