The information presented here lists the possible and supported scenarios of applications and Writable Volumes assigned to user and computer entities with different types of virtual desktop pools. This information also includes the supported App Volumes scenarios when used in RDSH environments.

You must be aware of the following:

  • Scenarios without delete or refresh of a machine on logoff (persistent) are not supported.
  • For RDSH scenarios, similarly, a refresh at computer shutdown is required.
  • For supported Horizon scenarios in the virtual desktop environment, the appropriate configuration options for the following criteria must be selected in the desktop pool settings:
    • Delete machine after logoff
    • Refresh OS disk after logoff

    For more information about the virtual desktop pool configuration options and related information, you can see Horizon documentation such as Setting Up Virtual Desktops in Horizon 7.

The following table lists the possible scenarios for application and Writable Volumes when assigned to a user and computer in a virtual desktop pool and RDSH environments.

Assignment Type Volume Type Instant-Clone Desktops Linked-Clone Desktops RDSH
Floating Dedicated Published Application Published Desktop
User Application Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Writable Volume Yes Yes Yes No No
Computer Application Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Writable Volume Yes No Yes Yes Yes