You can limit the number of active attachments of an AppStack and configure each AppStack with the maximum number of concurrent assignments that are allowed.

Limiting attachments might be helpful when you want to enforce licensing constraints, for example.

You cannot set the attachment limit when you create an AppStack. After the AppStack is created, you can edit the AppStack to set this limit. See Edit an AppStack.

Note the following considerations when you limit AppStack attachments:
  • All applications that are captured within the selected AppStack are limited.
  • If you want to enforce the limitation only for a specific application, the application must be captured separately and alone in an AppStack.
  • If you reduce the attachment limit, the change is not reflected for the user until the user logs out and logs back in; no active attachment is removed when the limit is reduced.
  • Similarly, if you increase the attachment limit, a user who was previously denied an AppStack attachment, will not receive the attachment until the user logs out and logs back in to the machine.