If an instance is no longer needed or you want to separate the relationship between the source and target, you can remove the instance. When the synchronization relationship is removed, the instance's applications and packages must be managed from the target instance.

For an understanding of App Volumes synchronization, see Configure Multiple App Volumes Instances for Application Synchronization.

To re-establish the synchronization relationship, you must register (add) the target with the source instance. For more information about adding a target instance, see Register an App Volumes Instance as a Target.


  1. Log into the desired App Volumes instance.
  2. In the App Volumes Manager admin UI, navigate to INFRASTRUCTURE > Instances.
  3. In the Related Instance table, expand the '+' icon of the instance that you want to remove.
    The Type field indicates whether the selected instance is a Source or Target.
  4. Click Remove.
  5. On the Confirm Remove window, review the message and click Remove.
    The instance is no longer listed in the Related Instance table.
  6. Depending on the type of instance removed in the previous step, observe the behavior and perform the next steps:
    Option Action
    Source If you have removed a Source instance, then the instance that you have logged into is the target. You must now remove this (target) instance from the source instance.
    1. Go to the source instance.
    2. To remove this (target) instance, repeat step 2 to step 5.

    Removing the Target ensures that the source instance no longer attempts to synchronize with the target instance.

    Target If you have removed a Target instance, then the instance that you have logged into is the source. This (source) instance is automatically removed from the target.
    1. Go to the target instance.
    2. Review the Related Instances section and verify that this (source) instance is no longer listed.
    Note: If the Target instance was not accessible and you forcefully remove the target in the previous step, then you must manually remove the source instance from the target instance. To remove this (source) instance, repeat step 2 to step 5.


The synchronization relationship between the source and target is removed. If this instance was the Target, then the applications and packages, which were earlier managed from the source, must now be managed from the target.