When applications and packages are in a synchronization relationship, edit and delete operations are deactivated on the target. Using the Manage Source capability, you can manage the applications and packages from the source instance.

By not allowing the edit and delete operations on the target, any changes to the applications and packages on the target are prevented from being overwritten by the source during synchronization.

The Manage Source capability is available on the Applications and Packages summary pages of a target instance and on each of the application and package details page as well.

If the control settings for marker and assignment synchronization are activated, then the markers and assignments are synchronized from the source to the target. As a result, the following operations are deactivated on the target instance and managed from the source: assign and unassign entities for the application and set and unset the CURRENT marker on the application package.

For an understanding of the marker and assignment synchronization behavior, see Criteria for Application Synchronization.


Ensure that the source App Volumes instance is configured with an instance name and IP address that can be recognized and reached from the target instance. For editing the source instance's details, see Edit an App Volumes Instance.


  1. In the target instance's App Volumes Manager admin UI, navigate to the INVENTORY tab.
  2. Depending on whether you want to perform operations on a synchronized application or a package, navigate to the corresponding page on the UI.
  3. Select the application or package that you want to manage.
  4. In the application or package details page, click on the Manage Source button.
    The corresponding application or package details page on the source App Volumes instance is displayed.
  5. Perform the desired operation.
    Changes to the application or package on the source instance is synchronized to the application or package on the target instance.

What to do next

  • To monitor the synchronization status of the application that you want to manage in the previous steps, navigate to the Applications summary page on the source instance and observe the Synchronization Status information field for that application.
  • To track the Sync Count and other information fields, navigate to the Related Instances table on the App Volumes Instances page.
For more information about the information fields which are used for monitoring synchronization, see Monitor App Volumes Synchronization Operations.