Set up App Volumes Manager to take regular backups of the Writable Volumes.

When a new volume is created and attached, the volume is backed up immediately. The next backup is only performed for volumes that have been attached and detached at least once since the last backup, and the duration is defined by the backup interval.


  1. From App Volumes Manager, go to CONFIGURATION > Settings.
  2. Under Writable Volume Backups, provide the following information:
    Option Description
    Regular Backups Toggle the slider to enable regular backups. Enter the number of days (interval) after which you want to back up the volumes.
    Note: The backup interval is defined as the time between the last back up and the number of days for the next backup, during which the volume was used. So, different volumes can be backed up on different days, even though the interval is the same.
    Storage Location Select a location from the drop-down menu.
    Storage Path Enter a default path for the volume backups.
  3. Click Save.

Example: Back Up Volumes Every 3 Days

If the backup interval is set up for 3 days, and if a volume Vol1 was backed up on Monday, the next back will occur on Thursday, if Vol1 has been attached and detached at least once between Monday and Thursday.

Now, if a new volume Vol2 is created and attached on Tuesday, Vol2 is backed up when the user logs off, and the next back up will occur on Friday, if Vol2 has been attached and detached at least once between Tuesday and Friday.