To change the metadata information of a package after creation, you can edit the package using the Edit functionality in the App Volumes Manager admin UI.


If you choose to edit the package delivery mode to On-demand, ensure that you are aware of the required criteria and the behavior of the application package when delivered to the end user. For information about the package delivery modes, criteria for choosing the On-demand delivery mode, and characteristics of this delivery mode, see Understanding Package Delivery Modes in App Volumes.


  1. From App Volumes Manager, click INVENTORY > Packages.
  2. Click the package whose details you want to edit.
  3. Click Edit.
    • You can change the delivery mode of a package from On-demand to Classic regardless of the package status. However, you can change the delivery mode back to On-demand only after you complete package capture.
    • You can use the Notes text field to update the notes that are added in the packaging virtual machine after application capture.
      • Information present in this field before application capture is overwritten by the text added in the Notes window in the packaging virtual machine.
      • Modifying this text field in App Volumes Manager only updates the metadata and does not update the original package virtual disk file or the package's JSON file.
  4. Modify the information and click Save.


A Package updated successfully message is displayed.