You can change the assignment of an App Volumes application using the Unassign functionality. This functionality removes the association between the application and the entity (s) associated with the application.

If this application is in a synchronization relationship with an application on a source instance and the assignment synchronization setting is activated on the source, you cannot perform the unassign operation from this instance. The unassign operation is deactivated on this instance (target) and can be performed only from the source instance by using the Manage Source button.

When applications are unassigned from entities on the source instance, the unassign operation is synchronized to the target instance. The assignments at the target instance are deleted first. At the source, these assignments are marked as Disabled and are deleted only after the assignments at the target are deleted.

The App Volumes Manager admin UI provides two separate views to visualize these assignments: Standard and Synchronization. The Standard view lists only the assignments that are available (enabled). The Synchronization view lists the assignments that are available and the assignments that are to be deleted later. This view has a Status column that displays the statuses as Enabled and Disabled respectively.

For more information about the manage source feature, see Manage a Synchronized App Volumes Application at the Source. For information about the assignment synchronization criteria, see Criteria for Application Synchronization. To deactivate the assignment synchronization setting for this instance, see Edit an App Volumes Instance.


  1. From App Volumes Manager, go to INVENTORY > Applications.
  2. Select an application that must be unassigned from an entity or entities.
  3. Click Unassign.
    List of entities assigned to the application is displayed.
  4. Select the entity or entities.
  5. Click Unassign.
  6. On the Confirm Unassign window, click Unassign.
    After the unassign operation, the Standard View lists only the assignments that are available.
  7. (Optional) If this instance is synchronizing the unassign operation to the target, you can click the drop-down to Synchronization view and see the assignments marked as Disabled.