You can back up a single Writable Volume or multiple volumes from the App Volumes Manager.

If you choose to back up the volumes in the background, and they are still attached at the time of the back up, the back up will occur after the volumes get detached.

Note: Multiple volumes can only be backed up as a background job.

When you perform a Writable Volume backup operation, any previous backup of the Writable Volume is purged and then a new backup is created.

You can also schedule regular backups in App Volumes Manager. See Set Up Regular Writable Volumes Backups.


If you are backing up a single volume and choose to back up the volume immediately, ensure that the volume is detached.


  1. In App Volumes Manager, go to INVENTORY > Writables.
  2. Select the entity whose Writable Volume you want to back up.
  3. Click Backup.
  4. On the Backup Writable Volume page, provide the following information:
    Option Description
    Destination Storage Select a storage from the drop-down menu.
    Destination Path Enter a path for the backup.
    The size of the destination storage and the expanded size (if thin provisioning is not supported) is displayed.
  5. (Optional) Select Delete writable volumes after backup if you want to delete the original Writable Volume after the backup is completed.
    Important: This operation cannot be undone.
  6. Click Backup.
  7. On the Confirm Backup Writable Volumes window, select when you want to back up the selected volume:
    • Backup volume in the background - App Volumes Manager dispatches a background job to back up the volume and the display goes back to the manager console immediately.
    • Backup volume immediately - App Volumes Manager waits for the backup to be completed and the console is not responsive until either the process is complete or 10 minutes have elapsed.
  8. Click Backup.


Go to ACTIVITY > Activity Log to see detailed information about the operation. Go to ACTIVITY > System Messages to see any warnings or error messages.