You can configure storage for packages, Writable Volumes, AppStacks (2.x), and Writable Volumes (2.x) by specifying the default storage and template paths. You can also configure VHD In-Guest storage to use with App Volumes.

For more information about configuring the VHD In-Guest storage, see Configure and Register the Machine Manager.

In App Volumes, a template is a .vmdk or .vhd file which can be used to create application packages, AppStacks, or Writable Volumes. In certain scenarios, you might have to upload the template to a datastore or a file share. For more information about App Volumes templates, see Understanding Templates used in App Volumes. For more information about uploading templates, see Upload Templates.

Note: AppStacks and Writable Volumes (2. x) can be created only by using App Volumes Agent 2. x and uploading the appropriate templates. Any information related to these volumes can be viewed only when the VOLUMES (2.X) tab is visible in the App Volumes Manager UI. If you have installed the latest version of App Volumes Manager and want to explore App Volumes 2. x, see Perform App Volumes 2.x Management Tasks.