VMware App Volumes 4 Update 1 | 12 March 2020 | Build

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What is in the Release Notes

The release notes cover the following topics:

The VMware App Volumes 4 Update 1 includes bug fixes and known issues.


App Volumes documentation is available in English.

Resolved Issues

  • Chrome fails with the "Aw,Snap!" error which occurs due to compatibility issues with Chrome version 78 and later. [2478183]

  • Silent installation or upgrade of App Volumes Agent requires the EnforceSSLCertificateValidation parameter be set to 0 or 1. [2488638]

  •  In some cases, the login process spans a few minutes until the user is able to utilize the desktop. [2506815]


Known Issues

  • When many users are logging into their desktops simultaneously, Writable Volumes may not get created for a few users and they may not be able to log in to a desktop.  This issue does not occur if the users already have an existing Writable Volume. [2115623]

    Workaround: The users must log in again or have an administrator pre-create the Writable Volume for the user.

  • A Writable Volume move or copy operation may fail when bulk operations are performed on a large number of volumes. [2115593]

    Workaround: Retry the move or copy operation.

  • snapvol.cfg does not support any rule containing the %USERPROFILE% environment variable. [2461822]

  • When a Firewall rule is present in the AppStack or Writable Volume, the Firewall Console might display the same rule twice. This is redundant and does not have any impact on the functionality and performance. [2468629]

  • SSH Tectia Client intermittently shows a "Failed to initialize..." error when launched. This issue depends on the operating system environment and system performance. [2473227]

    Workaround: Relaunch SSH Tectia Client.  If you have multiple applications, avoid launching SSH Tectia Client as the first application.

  • If you belong to one of the App Volumes Manager roles and delete the role assigned to the group to which you belong, you will not be able to log into App Volumes Manager again. [2444567]

  • After an upgrade to App Volumes 4, update 1 from App Volumes 4, applications have missing icons in the Applications, Packages, and Programs tab of the App Volumes Manager UI. [2591255]

    Workaround: In the App Volumes Manager UI, navigate to the Applications tab and click Rescan.
    The rescan operation might have to be performed on each App Volumes Manager server until the icons are completely restored.

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