You can securely connect to a vCenter Server from App Volumes using an SSL certificate.


  • Register a vCenter Server machine manager. See Configure and Register the Machine Manager.
  • Ensure that the vCenter Server you are connecting to has a domain SSL certificate. The certificate must be verified and accepted by App Volumes.


  1. After you register a vCenter Server as a machine manager, verify the certificate details.
    If the certificate is not trusted or verified, the following messages are seen:
    • A window with details of the certificate (SHA1 fingerprint, period of validity) that is present in the vCenter Server.
    • A message at the top right corner:
      Server error: SSL certificate is not verified and needs to be accepted to continue.
  2. Click Accept to accept the certificate.
    You can also log in to the vCenter Server as an administrator and verify the SHA1 code.
    The Machine Manager is successfully added after the certificate is verified.
  3. Click Certificate to view the certificate you added.
    If the certificate is changed on the vCenter Server after it has established a connection with App Volumes Manager, the Certificate not valid message is displayed when you log in to App Volumes Manager.
    Note: You also see this message when you upgrade App Volumes to the latest version.
  4. To validate the certificate again, select the vCenter Server under Machine Managers, click Certificate, and accept the certificate.


You now have a trusted SSL certificate to connect to the vCenter Server.

What to do next

When you upgrade App Volumes from an older version to the latest version, you might have to manually accept the certificates to retain the connection to vCenter Server.