You can configure the volume behavior parameters for SVservice with the VolWaitTimeout, VolDelayLoadTime, and CleanSystemWritable registry keys.

Parameter Type Description
VolWaitTimeout REG_DWORD Defined in seconds. The time required for a volume to be processed before ignoring the volume and proceeding with the login process. The default value is 180.
VolDelayLoadTime REG_DWORD Defined in seconds. The time required after logon process to delay volume attachments. This value is ignored if a writable volume is used. You must attach writable volumes before attaching any AppStacks. If the value is greater than VolWaitTimeout, it will be reduced to the value of VolWaitTimeout. This might speed up the login time by delaying the virtualizing of applications until after logon is complete. The default value is 0 (do not delay load time).
CleanSystemWritable REG_DWORD If set to 1 and no writable volumes are attached, SVservice clears any changes saved to the system during operation after a reboot. If set to 0, changes are stored in c:\SVROOT on system volume. The default value is 0.