App Volumes Manager has jobs running in the background. These jobs perform a specific task and run automatically at scheduled intervals.

The following background jobs run within App Volumes Manager :
Import Storage Groups
Imports volumes from any Storage Group which has auto import configured.
Refresh Domains
Discovers and updates the state of domain controllers.
Audit Vms
Checks the virtual machine state and ensures that the attachments are in sync.
Collect Logs
Collects logs periodically.
Expire Sessions
Closes stale agent sessions and user-interface sessions that have been idle for more than 30 minutes.
Fulfill Writables
Checks Groups and Organizational Units (OUs) for new members and schedules creation of writable volumes for the new members.
License Extension
Checks for license extension.
Marshal Writables
Schedules jobs to marshal Writable Volumes
Refresh Attachments
Ensures that the volume for each attachment remains attached.
Refresh Computers
Ensures that the state of each computer is online.
Refresh Machines
Ensures that each virtual machine exists. Removes the virtual machines if they no longer exist and are not in use.
Remove Stale Storage Locations
Ensures that each storage location (datastore) is online and accessible. Removes stale storage locations that no longer exist in the vCenter and are no longer in use.
Replicate Storage Groups
Starts replication jobs for StorageGroups.
Sweep Vms
Ensures that each available virtual machine exists. Removes the virtual machine if they no longer exist.
Sync Ad
Verifies the state of Active Directory entities such as users, computers, groups, and organizational units and keep these entities in sync.
Synchronize Storage
Synchronizes Hypervisor Storage on Hypervisor <Multiple vCenters>"
Update Timeseries
Collects usage statistics for dashboard graphs.