You can create a new version of an existing Package by updating the existing Package. The existing Package becomes the base package or acts as a reference for the new version of the Package.

Note: Base Package information cannot be updated.


Ensure that the Package you want to update has finished the packaging process and the Package status shows Enabled.


  1. From App Volumes Manager, go to INVENTORY > Packages.
  2. Click the Package that has the Enabled status and click Update.
  3. Update the Package information as per your requirements and click Update.
  4. On the Confirm Update Package window, select one of the options and click Update.
    Option Action
    Perform in the background The Package gets updated in the background and you can perform other tasks.
    Wait for completion You must wait until the Package is updated. You cannot perform any other tasks until the Package update is over.
    The newly updated Package details are displayed.