You can assign an Application to a single entity or multiple entities.

  • If you select the assignment type as Marker and the Application package is not yet marked CURRENT, the Application is assigned to the entity and the assignment type is inactive until the Package is marked CURRENT.
  • In an Application, a Package set with the CURRENT marker can be assigned to multiple entities.

For information about assignment types, see Understanding Assignment Types.


  • Ensure that the status of the entity, to which the Application must be assigned, is Available.
  • For the Assignment Type, Package, an Application must have at least one Package.


  1. From App Volumes Manager, go to INVENTORY > Applications.
  2. Select the Application to which needs to be assigned to an entity.
  3. Click Assign.
  4. Search the Active Directory for an entity.
  5. Select the entity.
    The Status of the entity must be Available.
  6. Select Assignment Type.
    Option Action
    1. Click Assign.
      • If the Application has no Package or if the Package is not yet set with CURRENT marker, Application is assigned to the entity, but marker is inactive until the Package is set.
      • If the Package has the CURRENT marker, entity receives the CURRENT Package version.
    2. Click Assign.
    1. Select the Package that needs to be assigned to the entity.
    2. Click Assign.
  7. On the Confirm Assign window, click Assign.


On the Applications page, assignment details are updated.