Download and run the latest version of the App Volumes installer to upgrade your App Volumes Agent. You can upgrade from App Volumes Agent 2.18 to the latest App Volumes Agent version.

You can also upgrade the agent silently. See Upgrade App Volumes Agent Silently.


  • Download the latest App Volumes installer from My VMware.
  • Schedule a maintenance window to ensure that there is no service degradation during the uninstall and subsequent upgrade process.
  • Upgrade the App Volumes Manager. See Upgrade App Volumes Manager.
  • Unassign all AppStacks and writable volumes from the target computer where you plan to upgrade the agent.
  • If you are using App Volumes Agent earlier than 2.18, you must first upgrade to App Volumes Agent 2.18 or later.


  1. Log in as administrator on the machine where the App Volumes agent is installed.
  2. Locate the App Volumes installer you have downloaded and run the setup.msi file.
  3. Select the App Volumes agent component in the Installer window and click Install.
  4. Click Next to begin the installation.
    The installer backs up the configuration files and services.
  5. Click Finish when you see the confirmation message.