You can download the upgrade bundles manually, and then upgrade AppDefense Appliance using the downloaded bundles.

Important: You must take a snapshot of the AppDefense Appliance virtual machine (VM) before the upgrade. For details, refer to Back Up AppDefense Appliance VM Before Upgrade.


You have downloaded upgrade bundles. For details, refer to Download Upgrade Bundle.


  1. Log in to the AppDefense Appliance VA GUI at https://<appliance ip address> using the admin credentials or using the vSphere user credentials.
  2. Go to the Configuration > Upgrade tab.
  3. Under the Bundle download strategy, click Edit.
  4. Click Upload File. Select the downloaded upgrade bundle zip file, and then click Upload.

    You get a message when the upload completes.

    Note: The timeout for AppDefense Appliance is five minutes. If you get a Session Expired message, log in to the AppDefense Appliance again with the same admin credentials.

  5. Click Save.
  6. Log out of the AppDefense Appliance and log in again.

    A New Upgrade Available section appears at the bottom of the Upgrade page with the Upgrade Now button.

  7. Click Upgrade Now. The Upgrade is in progress message appears.
    Note: Upgrade time is around 15-30 minutes. When the upgrade is in-progress, AppDefense Appliance restarts all the services. AppDefense Appliance remains unreachable during this time. Ignore any errors from Appliance UI during this time. After the upgrade is complete, you can verify the Appliance version on the Appliance Dashboard page.
    Appliance is upgraded as per the uploaded upgrade bundle.
  8. Log in to the AppDefense Appliance again with the same admin credentials.
    Appliance Dashboard displays the updated version with the build number.


The New Upgrade Available section gets replaced with the Current Bundle Information section at the bottom of the AppDefense Appliance Upgrade page. The Current Bundle Information section displays the version details. For the upgraded appliance version, the corresponding versions that are available for the host module and guest module are displayed.

What to do next

You must upgrade the host module and the guest module to complete the upgrade process.