You must upgrade earlier installed AppDefense Appliance to intermediate version such as 2.2.1.

Following steps lists the upgrade steps that you must follow to make the appliance version compatible with the Fail-Safe upgrade feature.

If your appliance version is 2.2.0 or earlier, you can follow these steps to upgrade intermediately to 2.2.1.

  1. Resolve disk space issues, if any.
  2. Back Up AppDefense Appliance VM Before Upgrade.
  3. Turn off Auto Upgrade feature.
    1. Log in to the AppDefense Appliance.
    2. Go to the Appliance > Upgrade tab.
    3. Under the Appliance Upgrade Strategy section, click Edit, and then click Turn off Auto Upgrade.
    4. Click Save.
  4. Manually download the Appliance upgrade bundle.
    • Go to AppDefense is listed under Networking & Security.
    • Click View Download Components.
    • To Download 2.2.1 Upgrade Bundle: Select the 2.2 version from the drop-down menu, and then click Go to Downloads. The latest 2.2.1 upgrade bundle is available.
    • Click Download Now next to VMware AppDefense Upgrade Bundle. The upgrade bundle zip file gets downloaded.
  5. Upload the zip file.
    • Log in to the AppDefense Appliance.
    • Go to the Appliance > Upgrade tab.
    • Under the Bundle Download Strategy section, click Upload File (zip).
    • Browse and select the upgrade bundle that you had downloaded earlier.
  6. The New Upgrade Available section becomes available with the Upgrade Now option.
  7. Click Upgrade Now. The Upgrade is in progress message appears. Appliance reboots automatically. AppDefense Appliance remains unreachable during this time. Ignore any errors from Appliance UI during this time.
  8. Appliance is upgraded as per the available upgrade bundle.

  9. After the upgrade is complete, log in to AppDefense Appliance again. You can verify the Appliance version on the Appliance Dashboard page.
  10. Now upgrade to version 2.3.1 or later with the Fail-Safe upgrade feature support. For details, refer Step 1: Upgrade AppDefense Appliance.