You can install AppDefense Guest Module on the supported Linux system. The installation of AppDefense Guest Module installs the AppDefense package, Guest Introspection package, and the netfilter dependencies.

Guest Introspection is a service that is deployed to offload security functions to a dedicated security appliance on each host. As a result, Guest Introspection removes the need for an antivirus agent within the guest operating system.

Guest Introspection uses the following netfilter libraries to provide connection control and connection monitoring capability to the AppDefense.

  • libnetfilter_queue: Provides APIs to capture network packets.
  • libnetfilter_conntrack: Provides APIs to track network connection status.

Linux Installation Package

The Linux installation packages are available at the following two locations.

  1. Package Repository:
  2. Downloads Repository:

Linux Installation Options

You have the following options to install AppDefense Guest Module on the supported Linux system.

Known Limitations for Linux VMs

There are few known limitations for AppDefense to work with Linux VM. For details, refer to the Known Limitation With Linux VMs.