Guest virtual machine shows status as critical.


  1. In the guest virtual machine (VM), run the sc query glxgi command.
    Verify if the status shows as running. If the status is not running, then verify that the VM hardware version is 13 or later.
  2. Enable the guest integrity feature for a VM using the vCenter Server.
    1. Ensure that the VM is powered off.
    2. Go to the required VM in thevCenter Server, and then click the Configure tab.
    3. Go to Settings > VM Options, and click Edit.
    4. Go to Advanced > Configuration Parameters, and click Edit Configuration.
    5. Add a parameter named guestIntegrity.enable, and set the values as TRUE. Click OK.
    6. Power on the VM.
  3. In the ESXi host, run the /etc/init.d/glxhostuwd status command.
    Verify if the status shows as running. If status is not displayed, then the host module is not installed. Install the host module. For details, refer to Install Host Module section.
  4. Update the host module configuration. For details, refer to the Upgrade section.