The AppDefense Appliance with the software for AppDefense Host Module and AppDefense Guest Module for the Windows system are all bundled in a single Open Virtualization Appliance (OVA) that is used for the complete installation. You must have the AppDefense Appliance OVA for installation.

You can obtain the AppDefense Appliance OVA using the following ways:

  • Using the VMware Downloads page. You have the AppDefense license.
  • Using the AppDefense Manager, if you have subscribed to the AppDefense Service (SaaS). For more details on how to sign up for AppDefense Service (SaaS), refer to AppDefense Getting Started.


  1. Using the Downloads page.
  2. Using the AppDefense Manager. If you have the AppDefense Service (SaaS) subscription, you can use AppDefense Manager.
    1. Log in to the AppDefense Manager.
    2. From the left navigation pane, click Inventory.
    3. Click Downloads, and then click the Appliance tab.

      The appliance version is displayed with the latest appliance OVA file.

    4. You can either copy the download URL, or download the OVA file to your computer manually. To prevent any downgrade attack, download the Appliance OVA using an encrypted channel.
    • To copy the download URL, right-click the download link and then click Copy Link.
    • To download the AppDefense Appliance OVA file, click the Download link under the Download column.
      Note: If you have downloaded the OVA file manually, click the Copy to Clipboard icon and verify the OVA file with the SHA256 signature provided in the Downloads table.


The AppDefense Appliance OVA file is obtained.

What to do next

Install the AppDefense Appliance OVA as described in Step 1 A: Install the AppDefense Appliance.