You must upgrade AppDefense Guest Module on the guest virtual machines (VM) where your applications are running. You can upgrade both Windows and Linux virtual machine (VM) having guest module installed.


  • A new upgrade bundle is available.
  • If the AppDefense Appliance has enabled the outbound filtering feature, then allow the following websites.
  • Uninstall previous versions of the AppDefense Guest Module before upgrading to or later.
Important: Upgrade all guest VMs in a service to the same version at the same time.


  1. Log in to the AppDefense Manager.
  2. Click the Settings () icon.
  3. Click Inventory, and then click the VMs tab.
  4. Select the VM to be upgraded.
  5. Select one of the following options.

    Schedule is set in the AppDefense Appliance time zone. By default, the AppDefense Appliance time zone is UTC and cannot be changed.

    Option Description
    Update To update the guest module, select the required version.

    You can schedule the upgrade as Immediate or Schedule later by specifying hour and day.

    Auto-Update Select the option if you want to update the guest module automatically when a newer version is released.

    You can schedule the upgrade as follows:

    • Immediate: When a new version is released, host module gets automatically upgraded.
    • Schedule: Schedule the upgrade later by specifying hour and day.
    • Disable: Disable the automatic upgrade or a scheduled upgrade.
  6. AppDefense driver is now divided into two parts, glxgi.sys driver which ensures Guest Integrity, and giappdef.sys driver which ensures guest monitoring for processes and network events. You can schedule reboot for the guest integrity service as per your convenience. Guest monitoring is enabled even without a reboot.
    • If you want to reboot the VM immediately after upgrade, select the Restart after Upgrade check box.
    • If you do want to reboot the VM immediately after upgrade, deselect the Restart after Upgrade check box.
    Note: If you select Windows VM to reboot during upgrade, reboot can take five minutes.
    • For VMware Tools earlier than 11.0.0: Mandatory reboot occurs after upgrade.
    • For VMware Tools version 11.0.0 or later: Optional reboot after upgrade.
  7. To upgrade the guest module, click Confirm or OK.
    After upgrade, giappdef.sys driver and the gisvc service which helps with In-Memory Process Forensics (IMPF), automatic upgrades, collecting process metadata, and so on, starts running, even without a reboot.
  8. If not done earlier, reboot the virtual machine as per your convenience.
    After rebooting the virtual machine, the guest integrity driver starts running.


AppDefense Guest Module are upgraded on the guest virtual machines. You can view the status of the upgrade in the Guest Module Version column. Go to Inventory > VMs tab. After the host status becomes Active, verify that the Guest Module status is also Active.