AppDefense Appliance is installed as a virtual appliance (packaged as an OVA file) on any ESXi host in your vCenter Server environment. Once installed, you must register Appliance with the vCenter Server to import host and virtual machine inventory to AppDefense. You can also select the connectivity mode for your Appliance, enabling additional features as part of the AppDefense Service (SaaS).

If you have subscribed to the AppDefense Service (SaaS), you can go to the AppDefense Manager from the AppDefense Dashboard using the vSphere Client. From the AppDefense Manager, you can create scopes and services, analyze behavior, take remediation action on deviations from the intended state, and much more. For more information on AppDefense Service, refer to AppDefense Getting Started.

AppDefense Plug-In Install Steps

Installation Step Task
System Requirements: Verify that the version and hardware requirements for the following components are correct.
  • vCenter Server
  • ESXi Host
  • VMware Tools
  • Windows Guest Operating System
  • Linux Guest Operating System
System Requirements For AppDefense

Hardware Requirements

Step 0: Obtain the AppDefense plug-in installer.

Obtain the AppDefense Plug-In Installer
Step 1 A: Install AppDefense Appliance on-premises in the vCenter Server. Step 1 A: Install the AppDefense Appliance
Step 1 B: Register AppDefense Appliance with vCenter Server. Step 1 B: Register AppDefense Appliance With vCenter Server
Step 1 C: Enable AppDefense Service (SaaS Connectivity Mode) (Optional). Step 1 C: Enable AppDefense Service (SaaS)
Step 2: Install the AppDefense Host Module on the ESXi host. Step 2: Install the Host Module
Step 3: Install the AppDefense Guest Module on the hosts where your application workloads are running. Step 3: Install the Guest Module