The upgrade bundle is a zip file that contains required files to upgrade the necessary components of AppDefense. The upgrade bundle contains files required to upgrade AppDefense Plug-In, AppDefense Appliance, AppDefense Host Module, and AppDefense Guest Module. You can define your upgrade strategy using AppDefense Appliance Upgrade tab. You must upgrade as per the sequence given in this topic.

You must upgrade in the following sequence:

Step 1: Upgrade AppDefense Appliance

Step 2: Upgrade Host Module From Plug-In

Step 3: Upgrade Guest Module From Plug-In

After the AppDefense Appliance upgrades and the services are up and running, AppDefense Plug-In is upgraded. You can verify the plug-in version on the AppDefense Appliance > Registration page.

The AppDefense Appliance > Upgrade page displays the version details under the Current Bundle Information section. For the upgraded appliance version, the corresponding versions that are available for the host module and guest module are displayed.

AppDefense Appliance and all services in the appliance can have a different version from the AppDefense Host Module and AppDefense Guest Module.

For example, AppDefense Appliance version supports AppDefense Host Module version and AppDefense Guest Module version

Note: Host module and guest module can have a maximum difference of one major version. When a host module and a guest module have versions more than one major version apart, upgrade the necessary component to match the version. For example, host module 2.x and guest module 1.x is a supported combination. If you have enabled AppDefense Service (SaaS), upgrade all the guest VMs within a service to the same version at the same time.

If you upgrade vSphere, AppDefense continues to work normally.

You can download the upgrade bundles based on the configured connectivity.

Connectivity Upgrade
Plug-in Only (Non-SaaS) For plug-in only, you can receive upgrade bundles by the following ways:

For details, refer to Download Appliance Upgrade Bundle.

AppDefense Service (SaaS) For SaaS, you can receive upgrade bundles by the following ways:
  • You can download the upgrade bundle that is available at VMware website


  • Receive upgrade bundles for all three components automatically from the AppDefense Appliance. Upgrade based on your upgrade strategy that is configured from the AppDefense Appliance.


  • Receive upgrade bundles for all three components from the AppDefense Manager> Downloads page.