The AppDefense Plug-in integrates application security capabilities directly in the vSphere Client. The AppDefense plug-in provides high-level security metrics about your environment, deep visibility into the behavior of individual VMs, and end-to-end lifecycle management for AppDefense components. The AppDefense plug-in is supported only in the HTML5 version of the vSphere Client.

To install AppDefense, an OVF/OVA template deploys an on-premises AppDefense Appliance which connects to the vCenter Server through a registration process. After the registration is complete, AppDefense Appliance installs the AppDefense plug-in and collects inventory from the vCenter Server.

You can then install AppDefense Host Module on your ESXi host and AppDefense Guest Module on the virtual machines where your application workloads are running with one click.

The AppDefense Dashboard in the vSphere Client shows summary of the hosts and VMs where AppDefense is installed. AppDefense Dashboard also displays high-level statistics on the overall cyber hygiene of your environment. You can navigate to the AppDefense Manager from the AppDefense plug-in to create a scope, learn behaviors, and then protect the application by taking remediation action.

AppDefense includes two components.

  1. AppDefense Plug-In in vCenter Server (On-Premises): For visibility into the behavior of your VMs.
  2. AppDefense Service (SaaS): For visibility, analysis, and control of your VMs.

By default, the AppDefense Appliance enables only the AppDefense Plug-In in vCenter Server. You can connect AppDefense Appliance with AppDefense Manager to communicate with the AppDefense Service, enabling the complete solution.