This installation method is an alternate method to install AppDefense Guest Module on the guest virtual machines (VM) by obtaining the msi file. Preferred method to install AppDefense Guest Module is with the latest VMware Tools.


  • You have enabled Guest Integrity.
  • You have uninstalled previous versions of the AppDefense Guest Module.
  • You have installed the AppDefense Host Module.
  • You have installed VMware Tools and is running on the VMs where you want to install the AppDefense Guest Module. While installing VMware Tools, make sure VMCI/Guest Introspection drivers are installed. Without VMCI driver, the giappdef service may not be functional.


  1. Go to the VMware Downloads page at

    AppDefense is listed under Datacenter & Cloud Infrastructure > VMware vSphere > Platinum or under Networking & Security.

  2. Download the AppDefense msi installer for the Windows operating system. Example, AppDefense-x64-
    The AppDefense msi installer is downloaded. Save the installer on the guest VM.
  3. Go to the guest VM. You can either use the installer UI or command prompt for installation.

    If you have older version of the driver (installed using batch installer, or manual), uninstall the older version and delete all the related files. For details, refer to Uninstall the AppDefense Guest Module.

  4. To install using the installer UI:
    1. Run the AppDefense msi installer.
    2. Accept the license agreement, and click Install.

      Installer installs all the components.

    3. To complete the installation, click Finish.

      Installer prompts to restart the system. To restart the system, click Yes.

  5. (Optional) To install using the command prompt:
    1. Open the command prompt.
    2. Install the AppDefense Guest Module using the AppDefense-x64-XXXXX.msi /qn command.
    Command installs the guest module and restarts the VM.
  6. After installation, guest driver and the In-Memory Process Forensics (IMPF) service start running. You can verify using the following commands. Reboot is not required.
    sc query giappdef
    sc query gisvc

    The status displays as running.

  7. After reboot, you can check that the integrity driver is running.
    sc query glxgi

    The status displays as running.


The AppDefense Guest Module is installed on the guest VM where your application workloads are running.

What to do next

Now protect your guest virtual machines with AppDefense.